Anil Kumar - The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Anil Kumar is an economic policy advisor and senior economist in the regional group of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Kumar joined the Dallas Fed in 2004. Additionally, he is also an Adjunct Professor of Economics at the Southern Methodist University (SMU). His research focuses on estimation of economic effects of policies and programs (such as taxes, pensions, and Social Security) on the labor market and household finances. His research has been published or is forthcoming in several peer-reviewed economics journals, including the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Journal of Public Economics, National Tax Journal, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Development Economics, and the Journal of Urban Economics, among others. He also writes regularly for the Dallas Fed's publications, Southwest Economy and Economic Letter. Before joining the Bank, Kumar worked in various positions in the civil service in India as a member of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). He obtained a PhD in economics and MS in applied statistics from Syracuse University, New York, in 2004. He also has a BA in economics from University of Delhi and a management degree from University of Bombay, India.

Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar

Ford Bowers - SGIA and Printing United

Ford Bowers is president and CEO of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA). With SGIA’s recent acquisition of NAPCO Media LLC, he now oversees the overall operation of both companies. Ford entered the printing industry in 2006 as an account manager for Miller Zell, a leading retail/POP print and service provider in Atlanta. He became the vice president and general manager of the Graphic Center at Miller Zell in 2008, leading the company through the transition from analog (screen and litho) to mostly digital print production. In January of 2016, he became the president and CEO of SGIA, where he continues to further SGIA’s initiative of providing unparalleled education, events, research and development across all printing communities.


Ford Bowers

Leo Raymond - Mailers Hub

Leo Raymond is Managing Director of Mailers Hub, an information resource for mailing service providers and other companies in the mailing community, and has five decades' experience in postal affairs and related mailing issues.

He formerly was Director, Postal and Member Engagement, for Idealliance, based in Alexandria, Virginia.  Before that, he was VP for Postal and Member Relations for legacy Epicomm and its predecessor associations.  In those positions, he served the associations’ members nationwide regarding general postal questions, mailing problems, and related government issues, and supported the associations’ chapter- and conference-based educational programs.

Leo joined then-MFSA in March 2003 upon his retirement from a career with the US Postal Service that spanned over 35 years.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from North Adams (MA) State College and has studied at the Darden Graduate School of the University of Virginia.  Leo and his family live in Northern Virginia.

Leo Raymond

Leo Raymond

Marc McCrery - USPS

Marc McCrery was selected as Vice President, Mail Entry and Payment Technology in July 2019. In this role, he is responsible for leading the Postal Service’s mail preparation and payment support to commercial customers and continuing the transformation of our commercial mailing and shipping channels.

Previously, Marc served as director of Delivery and Retail Technology in Engineering Systems and director of Brand Shipping. He has held various management positions in Brand Marketing, New Products and Innovation and Operations Integration and Support. In 2003, he served his first executive assignment as manager, Business Mailer Support.  He began his career in 1990 as a professional specialist trainee in Des Moines, Iowa.

Marc represented the Postal Service™ as a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan Fellow in 2008-2009, where he earned a master's degree in business administration. Upon completion of the program, he served as acting senior vice president of Strategy and Transition. Marc also holds an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering from the University of Wisconsin.

Marc McCrery

Marc McCrery

Dave Loos - MCS Inc

David Loos is the founder and CEO of MCS.  Dave started the company in 1991 to provide software to the mailing industry.  MCS quickly expanded and they offered just about everything that would touch a direct mailing company including inkjet printers and laser printers, tracking systems and software to the industry.  Dave’s combination of entrepreneurism and hands-on expertise helped MCS grow quickly from his long-time Maryland headquarters to become a national and now international presence.   

In the late 90’s Dave saw the vision of using inkjet to address mail rather than labels and he founded Array Technologies which is the R&D company responsible for MCS’ inkjet and camera tracking solutions which are prolific today.  The laser servicing division, MCS Services (now Production Print Solutions), was formed shortly thereafter along with the industry leading Think Ink company and in 2017 ECS joined his corporate family.

Dave’s family has been a big part of his life in this industry – and a big part of his success.  Production Print Solutions is run by Dave’s sister JoAnn Loos.  Dave’s son, Kevin joined the company after graduating from DePaul in 2016 and is heading up MCS’ International division.  His daughter Tracy has spent time with MCS since graduating from George Washington in 2019.  Both Kevin and Tracy have attended MFSA events. Traveling over 45 weeks per year leaves little free time for this former Restaurant Management grad.  However, Dave does enjoy vacations to sunny FL with his wife Lisa, driving his muscle cars around town and brainstorming new gadgets to make life easier for his pet pig Sophia.

Dave’s marketing director, Erica, pulled Dave aside last year and strongly suggested that Dave needed a new wardrobe…  Thinking this was a great idea, Dave and his team adopted a new logo reflecting the increasing influence of inkjet and color in the company and the industry.  Feel free to compliment Dave on his updated attire.

Dave now has over 50 employees, 3 offices nationwide and his group of companies have combined revenue over $50 million.


Dave Loos

Glen Swyers - Classic Graphics-IMAGINE CO

Growing up in a family printing business laid the foundation for a life dedicated to serving people and solving problems. Glen would rotate thru the departments pre-press, press, bindery, estimating, procurement, and personnel. Then when growth demanded it – back thru the departments again. This foundation served him well when working for Fortune 500 companies like Walt Disney World and Adelphia Communications. Seeing the market place changing, Glen recently returned to college and completed 2 degrees. He continues to challenge himself by working with 3 volunteer organizations – Promise Keepers, Joshua Revolution and Kingdom Bound. Noting that being a leader is different than having a Leadership position and the best way to grow as a leader is through volunteering.

Glen Swyers

Glen Swyers